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All Natalina Jewellery items have a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee, however, does not apply to normal wear and use, nor does it apply to what could be seen as poor maintenance. As we use natural stones and precious metals such as gold, they can be damaged with hard surfaces. Care instructions are found below. Please note, that all gemstones are natural and unique, and may therefore slightly differ from photographs.

Care Instructions

Jewellery by nature is delicate. Natural gemstones come in various degrees of hardness and silver and gold are relatively soft metals. Therefore we advise to handle them all with care. Please do not bash or scratch and beware of hard surfaces. They do not like oils or extreme heat. Preferably keep out of direct sunlight. Please take off your jewellery before daily rituals such as showering, lotion, perfume, exercise, cleaning, washing dishes etc. Wash with warm water and dish soap. You may use a soft toothbrush. We recommend you check the stone settings yearly with a professional goldsmith.