"We design fun and colourful gemstone jewellery for playful people!"


Natalina Jewellery was born in 2019 from the desire to create bold and colourful, yet elegant and feminine fine jewellery. Lina and Natasha, the duo behind Natalina Jewellery, have always been drawn to fashion and sparkle, and they are fascinated by the uniqueness of natural gemstones.


"I believe jewellery is not just about adornment, but a form of storytelling and expression. With our jewellery we can speak about our uniqueness and what makes us stand out from the crowd."
- Lina, entrepeneur and jewellery designer


Natasha, a gemologist, who draws her inspiration from gemstones, is fascinated by the stories behind each individual stone.


"Every gemstone created by mother earth has its own tale to tell. Inclusions and imperfections can tell us many things, among them their origin and their history, myths and lore are what fascinates most!"
- Natasha, gemologist and jewellery designer


All Natalina pieces are designed in Finland and handmade by artisans in Helsinki or in Bangkok, known as the gemstone capital of the world. Natalina Jewellery uses individually selected gemstones of the highest quality and origin known, as well as  recycled gold and silver whenever possible. They have been granted the Design from Finland mark as a sign of professional Finnish design competence and sustainability.


Design From Finland - Jewellery design from Finland