Passion Earrings

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Red garnet, hessonite & citrine drop earrings, 14K yellow gold


These opulent earrings drop from strong vibrant red to the ray of sunshine yellow, bringing spice and fire into any look!

Did you know the hessonite is also known as the “cinnamon stone”, and is the orange variety of grossular garnet?


  • 14K yellow gold, 6,10 gr.
  • 2 x citrines, 8 mm, totalling 2,90 ct., Brazil
  • 2 x red garnets, totalling 1,80 ct., Mozambique
  • 6 x hessonite garnets, totalling 2,10 ct., Africa
  • 2 x citrines, totalling 1,32 ct., Brazil
  • Total carat weight 8,12 ct.

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