Our story

We, Lina and Natasha, met in early 2000 and became instant friends.  We struck up a friendship over our love of everything beautiful and colourful found in both fashion and the nature around us.  We are both from entrepreneurial families, which has instilled the desire to create, take risks and to be brave with our ideas and dreams. Both of us love spending time with family and friends, and we are passionate about yoga, fantastic dinners and anything to do with fashion.

Natasha, a gemologist who draws her inspiration from gemstones, is fascinated by the stories the individual stones tell, the mythical powers some believe them to have and their individuality that tells how they were created.  Her upbringing and education in countries such as Spain, Switzerland and Monaco, have influenced her style and have made her especially enchanted with colored gemstones.

Lina, having acquired a bachelor’s degree in beauty and cosmetics, has successfully run businesses in the cosmetics industry and as a restaurateur.  She has been fond of jewellery from an early age and often her choice of clothes is selected around the jewellery she desires to wear.  Along with staying busy building a jewellery brand, her days are filled with the joys of motherhood, raising 2 energetic young boys.

Both of these ladies have encountered the same problems: beautiful, colourful and bold yet high quality affordable pieces were difficult to find.  This is how Natalina was born.  Our line of jewellery attracts those wishing to invest in quality, design and fun pieces, who like to change styles often and express themselves by means of fashion.

Behind each collection and name, there is a story about the gemstones used and their particular myths and history. Read more on each gemstone and how to take care of them. Because each gemstone is natural and therefore unique, they differ from each other and can appear different in reality than in our collection photos.

Natalina Jewellery only uses natural precious and semi-precious gemstones and 14K / 18K white, rose and yellow gold.  We do all our designs in Finland and we only use individually selected gemstones of the highest quality and origin known.  Part of our collections are made in Helsinki and Bangkok.  Our goldsmiths are experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for decades.

Fun, flirty, enjoyment and sparkle are important elements in our daily lives and we hope Natalina reflects that.

You are welcome to visit our showroom in Helsinki, Finland, at Nervanderinkatu 5 D.  We are open by appointment at your convenience.  We will be happy to show you our designs and pieces. We can also design unique pieces custom tailored to your desire.

Lina & Natasha